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Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 28:19 NLT

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LiveStream and YouTube are free user services for everyone and the American Filipino Christian Church is not  affiliated with any of the LiveStream or YouTube sponsors...Also, please observe carefully any copyright infringement from the composer(s) and musician(s) reproduction policy.


(LiveStream/Sound/PowerPoint Operator)



 The training completion by a qualified AFCC Sound and Video Technician meet the requirements of this section.


 a). Technician should be alert and attentive at all times during the service or event. b). No surfing in the internet is allowed unless noted before the service or event that is specifically supports the aforesaid activities. c). Technicians will be working without no distraction at all times such as people, personal technical gadget operation or any similar activities that is not relevant with the service or event function. d). No modification to any automation algorithmn systems and instructions of all sound and video equipments without a consent by the Worship Team Director.

III. AFTER THE SERVICE OR EVENT in Worship Center and/or the Hope Activity Center.

a). Turn OFF all sound, computer, and video equipments and secure the laptops in their case inside the Sound Booth cabinet(in Worship Center) or just close the cover if it will conceal perfectly inside as is (in the Hope Activity Center). b). Arrange all computer video and audio cables by classification and lock the Sound Booth cabinet. c). Turn OFF the thermostat and all the lights, exhausts & cieling fans, and faucets. d). If the last one to leave, double check and lock all the doors and turn ON security alarm or else notify/call an AFCC officer who is available to secure the church premises. e). OFF duty.